A seed is planted,
that dreams might take root.

Interactopia LLC is being founded presently.

It is the vessel of my ambition to create, principally, games.  But not just amusements.  Not wasted time.  The works which have inspired me gave me feelings beyond excitement.  Beyond what can be encompassed by the word fun alone.  I have lost myself in the watery caverns of Aquaria — beautiful, full of mysteries and seemingly endless.  Journey‘s sands and sounds gave me feelings I struggle to name.  The memories I walked in To The Moon showed me the wonder and despair of caring deeply for something one does not understand — and for the first time, I was brought to tears by a game.  The list goes on.

These things which have moved me were made by small groups of people from the dreams they shared.  I have had the privilege to meet the creators of those I named; they are made of the same flesh and bone and thoughts and feelings as I am.

And I, too, dream.  Inspiration consumes me like a disease.  I am a programmer of considerable skill, especially with regard to audio.  I design games, write stories, and compose music, among other peculiar hobbies.  I can do as they have done, if I stay the course, and create meaningful worlds to stir the hearts and minds of others.

My greatest achievement to date is designing and launching Infinite Blank — though it is sorely neglected and very incomplete.  Presently, I am using my skills as a programmer to construct an opensource audio library and a commercial music program as tools for others who create.  Last and closest to my heart, I am beginning the development of a narrative game, working title Wreath, whose primary mechanic is introspection into the thoughts and memories of the protagonist.  I am involved in other projects as well, but it is these four which will be Interactopia’s initial body of work.  Their purpose is to inspire, and that course I intend to stay.

To be overswept by sensation and, for a moment, lose your reason to raw animal experience.
To narrow your eyes at thoughts and feelings that can’t be named or kept.
This is another kind of clarity. Perhaps a computer might be capable of educing it?

Thanks for listening —
— Evan Balster, November 30,  2012

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